Volkswagen Trademark Standards Guide Volkswagen of America, Inc. (VWoA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary and exclusive U.S. importer of cars manufactured by Volkswagen AG (VWAG) and as such, VWoA is charged with protecting trademarks associated with those cars. VWAG owns and uses the following words, letters and symbols, among others, as trademarks, service marks and trade names. The word: VOLKSWAGEN The letters: VW The symbol consisting of the letters VW vertically arranged within a circle. The symbol consisting of the word Volkswagen letter in a distinctive style known as Memphis Bold. The use of the color blue to reproduce any of the above. These marks have been duly registered by VWAG in the United States Patent Office. These registrations cover not only the use of these marks in the color blue, but in any other color as well. The numbers of the United States Patent Office Principal Register registrations are: 617131; 631649; 653695; 790621; 791311; 804869; 808381; 815632; 819297. VWoA will object to any use whatever of the word, letters or symbols reproduced above as the name of, or as the means of identifying, any business, service, or product not having its source in VWAG or one of its licensees. Equally, objection will be raised to any use for these purposes of a part of any such mark (e.g. Volks or Wagen), or of the likeness of a Volkswagen vehicle or of any word or expression synonymous in the popular mind with Volkswagen as, for example, Bug or Beetle, in connection with the service, sale or repair of Volkswagen vehicles or of parts or accessories for such vehicles. A Few examples of infringing and objectionable uses of Volkswagen marks are: (1) Use of the mark as part of a trade name or corporate name, such as Volks City, Old Volks Home, Volkswagen Center, or by a business specializing in the sale or repair of Volkswagen products, The Beetle Shop. (2) Use of the mark alone or set off from its background, or dominating its surroundings by reason of size, color or style of lettering, such as a sign reading Volkswagen. (3) Use of the mark as an adjective to qualify or designate commercial activities, as for instance, Volkswagen Sales. (4) Use of the mark as an adjective to qualify or designate services, as, for instance, Volkswagen Service, or Volkswagen Repair. (5) Use of the mark as an adjective to qualify or designate goods, as, for instance Volkswagen Parts, unless such goods have their source with or are expressly licensed by VWAG. On the other hand, VWAG does not want to interfere in any way with the right of any person engaged in the sale or repair of Volkswagen products to advise the public of this fact in a fashion which is not misleading. Accordingly, there is no objection to the use of Volkswagen (or its equivalent, the initials VW) provided all of the following conditions are met: (a) Volkswagen is used denotatively as part of an informational statement referring to Volkswagen products, as, for instance, in We Sell Volkswagen Automobiles, Repair of Volkswagen Vehicles or Parts for Volkswagen Cars; (b) Volkswagen is not set out either alone or in type face, color, mounting, spacing, illumination, format or material contrasting with or larger than the surrounding text, not in Memphis Bold lettering, nor in a color combination involving blue; and (c) Volkswagen is not displayed in such a way that members of the public are likely to regard it as a trade name or as part of a trade name.